Physiotherapy in Markham


Physiotherapists at Form & Function utilize a variety of treatments for musculoskeletal injuries including therapeutic modalities such as Ultrasound, laser therapy, muscle stimulation, as well as manual treatments like joint manipulation/mobilization, soft tissue techniques and assisted stretching exercise programs.  But most importantly, our physiotherapists have an extra passion in activity specific exercise prescription.  We really take the time to research your injuries, and with our team of DTP practitioners, they really do amazing things in getting our patients above and beyond just getting “Better”.  No matter if you are an athlete and looking for or an office worker with bad posture and discomfort, we have the answer for you!


Sports Rehab

Sports medicine plays a large part in how our medical team assesses our patients.  At Form & Function, we are devoted to maintaining the latest knowledge and research when it comes to treating our athletes.  Whether you are an Olympic athlete, or a weekend warrior, we will devise the right treatment plan to get you back in the game. Our practitioners have worked with national and Olympic level athletes in many sports including wrestling, tennis, track and field, squash, rugby, golf, tennis, soccer, baseball and hockey players, helping them get back in the game stronger and faster.

During each treatment, athletes will be catered to using such techniques as PNF stretching, ART®, Laser Therapy, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and the latest rehabilitation exercises research has to offer.