Tony Huynh

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Tony Huynh


  • Registered Physiotherapist

Tony Huynh is a Registered Physiotherapist in Ontario. Originally from Toronto, Tony, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical and Health Physics from McMaster University and went on to later receive his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York. He spent a year working in upstate New York working with clients with orthopedic conditions before returning to his hometown.

Tony has been very involved in breakdancing and martial arts throughout most of his life, enjoying and gaining insight into the movement of the human body. As a physiotherapist, he is able to direct his passion for movement culture, fitness, and health toward helping others.

With a keen interest in dance and martial arts, Tony has strong insight into the strains and stresses this population must endure to keep up with their craft. His treatment approach uses an individualized combination of manual therapy, modalities for pain relief, and an emphasis exercise to restore strength, range, and function to clients so they can continue to perform at their best. Tony also believes in a strong education component to any treatment to help the client understand the “how” and “why” of their condition and to prevent reoccurrence of injuries.

Tony stays active by training in martial arts, breakdance, Latin dance, and strength training. He also enjoys music and gaming.



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